Love’s A Cure – Debut Album Release by Alison Andrews

12 songs.

2 artists.

1 message.

Life doesn’t define you. Love does.

For anyone who knows all too well what it means to be human—and, by extension, fallible—Love’s A Cure is the album your soul has been calling for.

And loudly.

Have big dreams, but not sure you’ve got what it takes? Lemons In My Pockets might be for you.

Have a war raging inside your head between you and the world around you? You might like Into the War.

Still holding onto the past…even though you know it might be the one thing that breaks you? Try Hard Road.

In a relationship, but feel like perfect strangers? Listen to Stone Walls.

Anxious to let go and release your inner free spirit? Jenny is your song.

Trying to imagine something better for yourself in this life? Throw on Running From Empty.

Just had a relationship end because you simply had to let go? Try Not The One.

Or maybe you just want to listen to the whole damn album