Emily’s In Trouble – Behind The Scenes


We had such fun shooting the music video for Emily’s In Trouble (Love’s A Cure). We shot a lot of footage that didn’t make it to the final edit, but that just made me laugh out loud to watch. So we put together a little ‘behind the scenes’ video to show you some of those scenes.



It was funny, I felt as if I had already seen this video, before it was even made. Like I saw it in a dream or something!

Jaye was the genius behind this video. He scripted it, decided on location, filmed it, edited it and basically made it all happen.

From the beginning I knew my friend Paulina needed to play the part of Emily. She just ‘was’ Emily to me. Every other part was flexible, but she had to be Emily. I had no idea if she could act, she didn’t even really know herself, but was willing to give it a good go. And she was great on screen!


Dwynn, who has often played guitar with us on live shows played a couple of really funny parts too, as seen below:


The whole video just makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too. That’s what we were going for!

And for a bit of other background info – Paulina (who plays Emily) and Andrew (who plays her soulmate) are actually married in real life.

Emily’s In Trouble – Love’s A Cure (Official Music Video)

Below is the official music video for Emily’s In Trouble (Love’s A Cure) the title track from our album Love’s A Cure.

I hope it makes you smile!

This song was written while we were living in Taiwan, working as English teachers by day and playing gigs by night. It was a fun time for us.

The inspiration behind this song is to just take a leap of faith, you might get hurt, you might even get hurt a lot – life hurts, love anyway!

Love uplifts us, it makes us better people, it helps us grow.

There are people in the world (lots of them) who will love and appreciate you EXACTLY the way you are, for who you are. And if you allow yourself to be yourself, you will draw those people to you.


For some behind the scenes of filming this video – check out: Emily’s In Trouble – Behind The Scenes.

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Below: Our original lyrics sheet for this song 🙂