Emily’s In Trouble – Behind The Scenes


We had such fun shooting the music video for Emily’s In Trouble (Love’s A Cure). We shot a lot of footage that didn’t make it to the final edit, but that just made me laugh out loud to watch. So we put together a little ‘behind the scenes’ video to show you some of those scenes.



It was funny, I felt as if I had already seen this video, before it was even made. Like I saw it in a dream or something!

Jaye was the genius behind this video. He scripted it, decided on location, filmed it, edited it and basically made it all happen.

From the beginning I knew my friend Paulina needed to play the part of Emily. She just ‘was’ Emily to me. Every other part was flexible, but she had to be Emily. I had no idea if she could act, she didn’t even really know herself, but was willing to give it a good go. And she was great on screen!


Dwynn, who has often played guitar with us on live shows played a couple of really funny parts too, as seen below:


The whole video just makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too. That’s what we were going for!

And for a bit of other background info – Paulina (who plays Emily) and Andrew (who plays her soulmate) are actually married in real life.