Total Control – Acoustic Sessions

Total Control is a song about how futile it is to chase power just so that you can feel in control. You may achieve temporary power over others but ultimately all you’ll have is an empty life.

Total Control is what you’ve got
but you’ve got nothing at all
I’ve seen into 
This lonely life
That you’ve got going for you…

Society often suggests that success and power will lead to happiness, but it usually leads to people having too much power over others and abusing them.

From the beginning with this song I’ve felt it sounds a bit like a hymn. Especially the parts from ‘these hands, these hands they are not tied…’ and then ‘in these rules, these rules you will not find….’

Gospel influences are not so new to me, and I do love that kind of music as well. I first started singing publicly in a gospel group called ‘Manifesto’ when I was 13. We sang the most awesomely beautiful songs, with multi-part harmonies.

I learned to sing as a child from singing with my mother in harmony – songs like ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Oh Holy Night’.

So I hope you enjoy the song!