Not The One – Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes of filming the music video ‘Not The One’ – This shoot had it all: extreme weather, getting stuck in the sand, sunstroke, booty shaking and shopping trolleys!

Watch the behind the scenes video where we describe filming of this video and show some of the funniest scenes, including some awesome booty shaking!

Not the One is a song about breaking up, about letting go of someone you love, that you have realized is not right for you.

You still love them, so it’s painful to leave, but you know it’s the right thing to do.

The Music video was written and directed by Jaye, and is an artistic way of expressing how the couple keep trying to get out of the rut, and trying to move forward, but they never actually go anywhere, just cover the same old ground again and again, until someone finally decides to walk away.

On the day of filming we were up at 3am and filming started really early, but nevertheless the wind came up SO early and sand was flying everywhere, props were flying everywhere, and I didn’t even realize how badly I was being sunburned because the wind made me feel like nothing was happening.

Most of the shots that Jaye had planned out were not possible because of the howling wind and sand, you literally could not even keep your eyes properly open because sand would come flying in.

Our friends Omar and Sharlene played the leads in this story, and while neither of them had acted in a video before, they were both amazing and so great to work with, even with all the challenges we faced, they were such good sports.

The dance scenes are my favorites!

We got our car stuck in the sand almost immediately, and since I was ‘production assistant’ on the day, I had to run in and out of the sandpit every five minutes, fetching new props and then the wind would send them flying and I would go for a sprint.

Jaye had to film the entire video on his go pro camera, with sweater wound around his head, so we couldn’t get the close up shots we had hoped for, but it still came together just fine.

Total Control – Acoustic Sessions

Total Control is a song about how futile it is to chase power just so that you can feel in control. You may achieve temporary power over others but ultimately all you’ll have is an empty life.

Total Control is what you’ve got
but you’ve got nothing at all
I’ve seen into 
This lonely life
That you’ve got going for you…

Society often suggests that success and power will lead to happiness, but it usually leads to people having too much power over others and abusing them.

From the beginning with this song I’ve felt it sounds a bit like a hymn. Especially the parts from ‘these hands, these hands they are not tied…’ and then ‘in these rules, these rules you will not find….’

Gospel influences are not so new to me, and I do love that kind of music as well. I first started singing publicly in a gospel group called ‘Manifesto’ when I was 13. We sang the most awesomely beautiful songs, with multi-part harmonies.

I learned to sing as a child from singing with my mother in harmony – songs like ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Oh Holy Night’.

So I hope you enjoy the song!

Not The One (Official Music Video)

Not The One is a song about breaking up.

It’s about having the courage to walk away from a relationship that just isn’t right for you.

When you know it’s wrong but you can’t seem to move forward, when you’re stuck in destructive patterns and trying to make things work, but just feel like you’re going around in circles and getting NOWHERE.

And finally having the courage to say: Enough.

I deserve better. You deserve better. We both deserve better.

It’s about being in different places emotionally, and letting each other go.

It’s always going to be painful. When you love someone that is wrong for you, letting them go isn’t a piece of cake.

But along with the pain – there’s relief. And that’s how you know it was the right thing to do.

Wanna see the ‘Behind The Scenes’ of filming this music video? Click here.

Below: Original Lyric Sheet for ‘Not The One’

Little Sunshine – Acoustic Sessions

Little Sunshine is a song about picking yourself up and moving forward. It’s about being able to see a tiny sliver of hope and then just diving for it as if your life depends on it.

This song is where Jaye and I first became a musical team. The first time I sang it, we’d been together for about a year already…and I knew he played guitar and had some songs, and he knew I sang and had some songs, but we’d only tip toed around the idea of playing together.

In all honesty, I was waiting for him to make the first move! If he wanted me to sing, he just had to ask! Hahaha, so it took a while!

But when we sat down together and tried out this song I knew we’d make a great team in this as well. As soon as I sang the first line, I just knew it worked!

So here it is.