Not The One – Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes of filming the music video ‘Not The One’ – This shoot had it all: extreme weather, getting stuck in the sand, sunstroke, booty shaking and shopping trolleys! Watch the behind the scenes video where we describe filming of this video and show some of the funniest scenes, including some awesome booty shaking! […]

Total Control – Acoustic Sessions

Total Control is a song about how futile it is to chase power just so that you can feel in control. You may achieve temporary power over others but ultimately all you’ll have is an empty life. Total Control is what you’ve got but you’ve got nothing at all I’ve seen into  This lonely life […]

Our Minimalist Wedding

When Jaye and I got married in 2007 we had a minimalist wedding. At the time we weren’t really aware of the ideas of the minimalist movement, it just seemed to make sense for us to do it that way. At first, to get everyone off our backs, we said that we just wanted to […]

Not The One (Official Music Video)

Not The One is a song about breaking up. It’s about having the courage to walk away from a relationship that just isn’t right for you. When you know it’s wrong but you can’t seem to move forward, when you’re stuck in destructive patterns and trying to make things work, but just feel like you’re […]

Little Sunshine – Acoustic Sessions

Little Sunshine is a song about picking yourself up and moving forward. It’s about being able to see a tiny sliver of hope and then just diving for it as if your life depends on it. This song is where Jaye and I first became a musical team. The first time I sang it, we’d […]

Emily’s In Trouble – Behind The Scenes

  We had such fun shooting the music video for Emily’s In Trouble (Love’s A Cure). We shot a lot of footage that didn’t make it to the final edit, but that just made me laugh out loud to watch. So we put together a little ‘behind the scenes’ video to show you some of […]

Emily’s In Trouble – Love’s A Cure (Official Music Video)

Below is the official music video for Emily’s In Trouble (Love’s A Cure) the title track from our album Love’s A Cure. I hope it makes you smile! This song was written while we were living in Taiwan, working as English teachers by day and playing gigs by night. It was a fun time for […]

Pool Shark – Acoustic Cover

  ‘Pool Shark’ by Sublime is such a great song and so sad. Jaye and I have been playing it for years. We decided to do a video of our acoustic cover version of the song. So here it is.  

Adult Children of Alcoholics

I wrote this review a few years ago, and when moving blogs I wasn’t sure if I should re-publish it or not. I decided yes. While it might seem a little out of place on my music blog, it’s about a subject close to my heart, which is the effect of alcoholism on families. So […]

Love’s A Cure – Lyrics

Emily’s In Trouble (Love’s A Cure) Emily’s in trouble again There’s too much in this world to mend Sometimes it seems so selfish to want love But you’ve gotta get it while you can So she sings She sings I think I’m falling for you (I think I’m falling for you) I think I’m falling […]